Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a central-European country, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Germany. Thanks to its location in the real heart of the continent, it always has been an important junction for communication links between trade and cultural centers of Europe.

The Czech Republic is composed of 3 historical parts: Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Czech territory is surprisingly rich in different kinds of landscape: the mountain regions all around the borders covered with deep forests, romantic rocks of the Bohemian Paradise, sleepy ponds, and silver rivers of the South Bohemia, mysterious caverns just 30 min from the Capital, etc. The central and the Northern part of the Bohemia are mostly devoted to the industry while the South and the East are traditionally agricultural lands with lovely orchards, wide fields, and undulating vineyards. The western Bohemia is famous for its hot springs.

In addition to the beautiful nature, Czech Republic offers sympathetic towns and picturesque villages with their genuine art and folklore tradition. Wandering through the country, you will discover more than 100 castles, from craggy fortresses to more refined, aristocratic chateaus.

People and language

Nearly 95 percent of the population consists of Czechs and Moravians. The other major ethnic groups are Slovaks & Ukraine. In big cities, mainly in Prague, many foreign citizens live, study, work, and marry. There are important German, French and American minorities.